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Facts about the Hospitality Industry

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The hospitality industry is an integral and indispensable part of the worldwide market. People are fascinated by the information and stories behind some of the hotels and their rooms. We present here a few astonishing facts about the hospitality industry.

A hotel experience is all about relaxing, having fun, getting pampered and resting; especially if you are travelling for the purpose of tourism or a plain vacation.

The hospitality industry has many surprising facts and statistics to offer to those who are interested in trivia about hotels and hospitality industry on the whole.

The information and statistics are dynamic and the figure and details are true to our best understanding and knowledge at the time of compilation.

16 astonishing facts about the Hospitality Industry

Astonishing Facts about the Hospitality Industry

Let’s embark on a journey that covers a lot of information about our very own hospitality industry.

  1. Tallest hotels in a city

6 out of the top 10 tallest hotel in the world exists in one city. Yes, you guessed that right. Dubai has over half of the top 10 tallest hotels in the world.

JW Marriott Marquis Dubai is the world’s tallest hotel having 76 stories.

This twin tower standing tall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates is 355 metres tall.

Image Courtesy- Marriott

2. Total number of hotel rooms in the world 

Total number of rooms worldwide is expected to be around 15.5 million as per the ntercontinental hotels group report.

The number has soared as on date. According to STR Global, the number of hotels rooms is over 18.5 million as on date and is expected to breach the 20 million mark soon.

Amazing isn’t it?

3. The city with the Highest Average Room Rate

Many would believe that New York City; the city so nice, they named it twice, would take the trophy for this one.

However, the city that has the highest average rate is Geneva, Switzerland. A room can cost almost $308 on average per night. Phew!

4. Most expensive Hotel room

The Royal Pent House of Hotel President Wilson in Geneva is considered to be the most expensive hotel room in the world.

The average price per night for this room is a whopping amount of approximately $61,000- $84,000.

Image Courtesy- Hotel President Wilson

5.  Most visited country

France is the most visited country in the world. It attracts more than 80 million visitors annually. This might not be surprising given the presence of the scenic Alps, French cuisine, lovely destinations, best wines and eloquent people.

Europe and Asia Pacific regions are the key regions that attract the attention of the tourists each year and get the highest sales by the tourism.

They have the most expensive accommodations, best-looking places, and friendly environment.

6. Priciest Rooms in the US

The Ritz-Carlton Central Park and Mandarin Oriental share a tie for the priciest room in the US.

The rooms are expensive beginning from $995 per night.

You have to pay if you want to enjoy the luxury offered by these biggies of the hotel industry.

7. US Hotel Industry Revenue

The hotel industry in the US is bringing in a healthy revenue of over $162 billion in 2016.

This is expected to rise even further in 2018 and beyond.

Apparently, Americans are spending huge amounts of money on hotel and motel rooms on an annual basis.

The story is pretty similar across the globe with the revenues of the hotel industry improving every year.

An Overview of the Hotel Industry helps us understand how and why the Hotel industry is becoming an indispensable part of the hospitality industry.

Koshu Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan in Japan is named as the oldest hotel in the world.

8. The Oldest Hotel in the world

Another amazing hospitality fact is that it is recorded in the Guinness Book of world records.

The hotel is over 1300 years old. The ownership is held by the same family for over 50 generations.

While this is an interesting hotel industry fact, you would be amazed to know that hospitality can be traced back to pre-historic times.

Another interesting hospitality industry fact is that thermal baths that led to the origin of the spa were introduced by Greeks in around 40 BC.

Historical background of hospitality industry reveals more hospitality facts buried deep into the ages.

9. Cruise Ship numbers and destination 

There are approximately 300 Cruise ships sailing which can accommodate over 300,000 guests daily.

More and more hospitality professionals are finding the Cruise ship job options interesting and satisfying.

The Caribbean has been the most popular Cruise destination over the years.

10. Worldwide Hospitality Industry Revenue

The global market is generating a revenue worth $830 billion approximately through the hospitality industry.

According to hotel industry statistics, the revenue of the global hotel industry is increasing day by day.

The hotel industry alone has been predicted to have the annual revenue of about $550 billion in the year 2016.

The revenue of the industry, five years ago was $457 billion in 2011.

Expect the revenue to reach an approximate Trillion$ mark in 2018 if affiliate industries are also figured in.

11. Most interesting Cruise ship

‘The World’  is one of the most interesting cruise ships. The travellers are permanent residents and the ship is on a voyage since 2002.

The world-astonishing facts about hospitality industry

12. Hotel Managing as a career option

There is a reason behind why hotel managing is becoming a favourable career option.

They are believed to earn a whopping $57,250 approximately on an average.

It is expected that by 2022, 1 out of 10 people would be employed in the hospitality and travel industry.

13. Men and Women ratio in the hospitality industry

This is one of the key facts about the hospitality industry.

You would be surprised to know that the hospitality industry has more women working for them than men.

14. Business or Pleasure

Statistics show that as compared to business trips, there are more rooms booked for the purpose of travelling and vacationing. This is not surprising though.

We all prefer travel to business. Don’t we?

15. The World’s Largest Hotel

Malaysia takes the cake for hosting the largest hotel in the world.

First world hotel Malaysia is said to have around 7,351 rooms. The rooms are priced between $12 to $83 on average.

Image Courtesy- Wikipedia

As an update to this hospitality industry fact, the largest hotel tag would soon be taken away from this Malaysian hotel.

Abraj Kudai Hotel in Saudi Arabia would be opening in 2018 that would have around 10,000 rooms and over 70 restaurants.

Amazing, isn’t it?

16. Costliest Room Service

The most costly room service is found in Las Vegas.

You should be prepared to pay a tab of worth $68 if you ever plan to stay in a hotel there.

Las Vegas is closely followed by New York City in this matter. The average tab in NYC is about $67.


One of our other posts on 10 Interesting hospitality facts covers a few of the points that we could not include in this post.

Hope you enjoyed the compilation of the facts about the hospitality industry, your very own industry. Now destress by having a look at funny pictures about the hospitality industry.

The hospitality is filled with facts that would fill you with amazement and awe. A lot of other posts on this all hospitality portal ensure that you get all the hospitality related information at one place.

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